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Welcome to our travel blog. We are a family of travelers from Sri Lanka. Shamie (Sharmal Kelambi) is the author of the blog, the photographer, and does all the website stuff. Dinee (Dilini Palangasinghe) mainly does the modeling for the photos and is busy taking care of our little angel Sinsi – (Sansa Lyanna Kelambi), yes you guessed it right, named after Game of Thrones! –  who is just eight months old.

A quick note that across the blog, you will come across Sansa, Sinsi, and Sansi, all these names used for our baby girl, with Sinsi being daddy’s favorite!

We are not full-time travelers; both of us work as medical officers for the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. And it is only during weekends that we travel around. Our interests are in birdwatching, wildlife photography, off-roading, and camping. And much of our travels take us along the beaten path.

We are not the biggest fans of large resorts and star class hotels; we are in the lookout for glamping, luxury villas, and boutique hotels in excellent locations. Our prime focus is towards nature; we love a small villa by a lake over the fanciest star class hotel any day.

But do not get us wrong, we are not backpackers either, we are not budget travelers, we do not stay in hostels, we are just spoiled with luxuries yet have a beacon of love for nature we cannot shut off.

That’s what makes us unique, and more since we travel with a baby girl. So, stay with us to know about our journeys to the most scenic parts of Sri Lanka. And we will keep you updated on the latest tips on how to travel with a baby.

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