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Travel Doc Fam had been a long term dream of us. We are huge fans of travel blogs; we read blog posts extensively when we are planning a trip. And after reading so many of them, we felt the need to have a blog for ourselves.

But it was not easy to learn all the basics of making a website and then write the content. And while we were busy traveling, we kept on postponing the blog, with various excuses. Finally, when we had time actually to sit down and think seriously about making the blog, it was when we have the baby Sansi.

She was a lot of work herself, leaving us little to no time on most days to do anything on the blog. But on the other hand, she was exactly the kind of distraction we needed to slow down on our travels. 

So we owe her as much as we owe ourselves when we think of this blog.

In the meantime, do not forget to follow us on Instagram.